Listed below is the  2022 RaceSaver Nationals Powered By Sunbelt Rentals purse structure.

(THE FRIDAY & SATURDAY PURSE HAS BEEN INCREASED FOR 2022. NON-QUALIFIERS on Friday and Saturday will now receive $200 to hopefully help long hauling drivers with increased gas prices and inflation.  So, anyone who at least starts a race each day at Nationals earns a minimum of $650 for the weekend! The Race of Champions Purse has also increased on the back end of the feature.)

Heat Race Winners will get an extra $100 Friday and Saturday sponsored by RaceSaver Enterprises. Plus, IMCA will be giving a $1,500 BONUS to the A Feature winner on Sunday as long as they have started at least three IMCA Sprint Car Sanctioned events in 2022 before Nationals.

Friday,  September 1st and Saturday, September 2nd Purse (Full Show and Pay both nights)
1st $700, 2nd $500, 3rd $400, 4th $350, 5th $350, 6th $325, 7th $300, 8th $295, 9th $290, 10th $285, 11th $280, 12th $275, 13th $270, 14th $265, 15th $260, 16th $255, 17th-20th $250
All Non Qualifiers: $200      Tow: $50

Sunday, September 5th “Championship Night” Purse
A Feature Sprint Purse (Big Dance – Main Event):

1st $3,000 + $1500 Bonus from IMCA, 2nd $2600, 3rd $2,450, 4th $2,425, 5th $2,400, 6th $2,350, 7th $2,300, 8th $2,250, 9th $2,200, 10th $2,150, 11th $2,100, 12th $2,050, 13th $2,000, 14th $1,950, 15th $1,900, 16th $1,850, 17th $1,800, 18th $1,750, 19th $1,700, 20th $1,650, 21st $1,600, 22nd $1,550, 23rd-27th $1,500
Total Big Dance Purse: $53,525
The Big Dance will consist of 9 rows of cars starting 3 wide.
B Feature Sprint Purse (Non Qualifiers):
10th $1,000, 11th $900, 12th $800, 13th $700, 14th $600, 15th-20th $500
Total B Feature Non-Qualifier Purse: $7,000
All other Non Qualifiers: Minimum of $250 (Most or All positions will get more with non-qualifier cash sponsorships), Tow: $100


So if a driver starts at least one race each night they will receive a minimum of $650 for the weekend of racing.


Precise Racing Products Race of Champions Purse (Drivers must meet specific requirements to be able to compete in this race)
Race of Champions Purse: 1st $1,000, 2nd  $600, 3rd $400, 4th $300, 5th-20th $200


SUPPORT CLASSES PURSE is the same as any weekly event. Click here to view the weekly purse