Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery jumped from fourth starting position into the lead on the opening lap of the 20-lap feature at Port Royal Speedway Saturday. He scored his second win of the still-young 2020 PA Sprint Series IMCA/RaceSaver season

It was Bard’s third win in only his fifth Penns Valley Meat Market/PASS race at Port Royal, the first having come in his initial appearance last July. It also was his seventh PASS victory overall in just 19 starts in the CG Racing Engines/Barnett Self-Storage/Lias Tire #95 sprinter.

Dylan Proctor of Lock Haven, who had started the feature on the pole, finished second – as he had to Bard in their heat race. Doug Dodson came from ninth starting position to claim third, ahead of Christian Rumsey and Jared Zionkowski.

Roger Irvine (making his first start of the year), defending IMCA/RaceSaver National Champion and PASS Champ Ken Duke Jr., Landon Price, Erin Statler and Derek Hauck completed the top 10.

Hauck claimed the Penns Valley Meat Market Hard Charger Award, coming from 21st starting position to grab a top 10 finish. He also had charged from 15th to win the B-main. Other chargers of note were Rumsey (13th starting position to 4th) and Tom Carberry (24th to 16th).

The most serious incident in the feature occurred early when “Nitro Nick” Sweigart went high to challenge Larry McVay, and the two cars made contact. Sweigart’s sprinter had to be towed to the pits.

With 43 IMCA/RaceSaver sprinters in the pits, racing was intense during the qualifying events, and the four heat races were won by Zionkowski, Kristina Pratt, Bard, and Statler (the only PASS veteran among those winners, with more than 200 career starts). Pratt, the daughter of fellow competitor Larry McVay, claimed her win in only her third PASS start. According to a recent profile in Area Auto Racing News, her prior experience includes a few rookie division races some years back, and some “powder puff” events in the modified campaigned by her husband, Richie Pratt Jr.

In the second heat, Jimmy White spun and collected Jay Krout, with both cars tipping over. Both were able to run the B-Main, with Krout borrowing a wing from John Walp. In the same heat, Kyle Keen and Jason Dunn collided, but the former still qualified, and the latter made the feature via the B-Main.

That B-Main started 21 cars racing for six feature starting spots, and Hauck came home with the win.

This Saturday, the PASS/IMCA/RaceSaver sprints return to Port Royal for an “Open Wheel Madness” program also featuring the 410 and 358 sprints, the latter running a Summer Series event. Gates will open Saturday at 4:00 p.m. with racing scheduled to start at 7:00. General Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for students. Pit passes are $30.

For the latest schedule and other information, check the PASS website,, or the PA Sprint Series Facebook page.

Port Royal Speedway Results from June 14, 2020

HEAT 1 – 1. 41Z-Jared Zionkowski; 2. 67-Ken Duke; 3. 88-Fred Arnold; 4. 1R-Christian Rumsey; 5. 61-Johnny Scarborough; 6. 56D-Peter Dance; 7. 46-Mike Alleman; 8. 1-Tom Carberry; 9. 4C-Cody Hackenberry; 10. 19-Kruz Kepner 19. DNS – 19K-Chris Kreider.

HEAT 2 – 1. 83K-Katherine Pratt; 2. 83-Larry McVay; 3. 80-Dave Wickham 80; 4. 17K-Kyle Keen; 5. 21-Drew Boyer; 6. 8B-Will Brunson; 7. 21J-Jason Dunn (DNF); 8. 71-Josh Spicer (DNF); 9. 53W-Jimmy White (DNF); 10. 50-Jay Krout (DNF). DNS – 44-Dave Brown.

HEAT 3 – 1. 95-Garrett Bard; 2. 92-Dylan Proctor; 3. 69P-Landon Price; 4. 99A-Devin Adams; 5. 8-Nick Sweigart; 6. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz; 7. 86-Ron Aurand; 8. 23-Nathan Gramley; 9. 2H-Derek Hauck; 10. 55-Dominic Melair; 11. 00-Jason Roush (DNF).

HEAT 4 – 1. 2-Erin Statler; 2. 20-Doug Dodson; 3. 12-Roger Irvine; 4. 5-John Walp 5. 11-Dylan Smth; 6. 25D-Dustin Young; 7. 99-Cale Reigle; 8. 11X-Robert Garvey; 9. 21M-Cassandra Minium (DNF). DNS – 10-Jake Waters.

B-Main – 1. 2H-Derek Hauck; 2. 56D-Peter Dance; 3. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz; 4. 1-Tom Carberry; 5. 21J-Jason Dunn; 6. 46-Mike Alleman; 7. 86-Ron Aurand; 8. 55-Dominic Melair; 9. 19-Kruz Kepner; 10. 44-Dave Brown; 11. 25D-Dustin Young; 12. 11X-Robert Garvey; 13. 50-Jay Krout; 14. 19K-Chris Kreider; 15. 00-Jason Roush; 16. 53W-Jimmy White; 17. 4C-Cody Hackenberry (DNF); 18. 99-Cale Reigle (DNF); 19. 8B-Will Brunson (DNF); 20. 23-Nathan Gramley (DNF); 21. 21M-Cassandra Minium (DNF). DNS – 71-Josh Spicer; 10-Jake Waters.

FEATURE – 1. 95-Garrett Bard; 2. 92-Dylan Proctor; 3. Doug Dodson; 4. 1R-Christian Rumsey; 5. 41Z-Jared Zionkowski; 6. 12-Roger Irvine; 7. 67-Ken Duke Jr.; 8. 69P-Landon Price; 9. 2-Erin Statler; 10. 2H-Derek Hauck; 11. 88-Fred Arnold; 12. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz; 13. 80-Dave Wickham; 14. 61-Johnny Scarborough; 15. 5-John Walp; 16. 1-Tom Carberry; 17. 83-Larry McVay; 18. 11-Dylan Smith; 19. 83K-Katherine Pratt; 20. 46-Mike Alleman; 21. 56D-Peter Dance; 22. 21-Drew Boyer; 23. 8-Nick Sweigart (DNF); 24. 21J-Jason Dunn (DNF); 25. 17K-Kyle Keen (DNF); 26. 99A-Devin Adams (DNF). DNQ – 4C-Cody Hackenberry; 53W-Jimmy White; 00-Jason Roush; 19K-Chris Kreider; 11X-Robert Garvey; 25D-Dustin Young; 50-Jay Krout; 55-Dominic Melair; 19-Kruz Kepner; 99-Cale Reigle; 23-Nathan Gramley; 44-Dave Brown; 8B-Will Brunson; 86-Ron Aurand; 71-Josh Spicer; 10-Jake Waters; 21M-Cassandra Minium.

STARTING LINEUP – Proctor, Statler, Zionkowski, Bard, Pratt, Irvine, Wickham, Arnold, Dodson, McVay, Duke, Price, Rumsey, Keen, Adams, Walp, Scarborough, Boyer, Sweigart, Smith, Hauck, Dance, Kreitz, Carberry, Dunn, Alleman.

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