Devin Adams wins again

Devin Adams wins again

Devin Adams wins again

A few years ago, a 410 sprint car driver was nicknamed “Big Block.” Given his performance over the last three months in PA Sprint Series events on the series’ two largest regular tracks, perhaps it’s time to anoint Devin Adams as “Big Track.”

The 2019 Northern Lebanon H.S. graduate scored his second win of the season and his sprint car career in Saturday night’s 20-lap feature at Selinsgrove Speedway. It also was his sixth straight Top 5 finish at Selinsgrove and Port Royal Speedways, the two sweeping half-miles that produce the highest speeds among the tracks most frequently on the PASS/IMCA circuit. During that six-race run – dating back to May 11 – the Lebanon racer has scored two wins and two runner-up finishes in his Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel/Adams Auto Sales/Garden Spot Auto Auction #99 .

Saturday’s performance was a tour de force. Adams won his heat race by more than eight seconds, started the feature from the pole position, and led all 20 laps.

“From the get-go, I knew Garrett (Bard) and I figured (Ken) Duke were going to be on me,” Adams said in Victory Lane, “and then on another caution, I saw Zach (Newlin) behind me . . . each time I looked it was a different person, so I was just hoping none of them had a shot.”

It turned out that Adams most serious challenge was the last, from Jaremi Hanson (Dillsburg; Harrisburg Heat/Blazer’s Body Shop #36) , who was returning to the track for the first time since an accident during PASS’s last appearance at Selinsgrove. Riding high on the outside of the track, Hanson tried to steal the win but fell short by .597 seconds at the checkered flag.

While Adams led every lap, the battle throughout the rest of the Top 5 featured much jockeying for position, with Hanson, “Zach Daddy” Newlin (Millerstown; Smith Concrete & Construction/Heather Sims Realtor/Newport VFW #11Z), Garrett Bard (Wells Tannery; CG Racing Engines/Lias Tire #95) and Ken Duke Jr. (Selinsgrove; Fairfield Chevrolet/Apache Tree Service/ #67), winner of both previous Selinsgrove races this year, putting on a show. Dylan Proctor (Lock Haven; Randy Sterling Trucking/M.Teats Transport/Sprint Fleet Services #92) was part of the Top 5 battle as well, until a flat left rear tire ended his night.

Behind Adams and Hanson when the dust settled were Newlin, Duke and Bard. Friday night’s Path Valley winner Doug Dodson (Middletown; PowerMist Racing Fuels/Crockett Log Homes/Fastener Specialties #20) came from 15th starting position to finish sixth, followed by Kyle Keen (Carlisle; Capri Tools/J. Davis Construction Co./Clelans Custom Welding #17K), who came from 18 to 7th on his 25th birthday.

Kenny Heffner (Watsontown; Morgan Paving/Connie’s Chop Shop Hair Repair #97) finished 8th, Nathan Gramley (Lewistown; H.E.J. Services/Wood’s Heating & A/C/CG Racing Engines/Pleasant Valley Recycling #23) 9th, and Dave Graber (Boyertown; Dave’s Auto Service #51G) 10th.

Next weekend, the PASS/IMCA sprinters will return to Path Valley Speedway Park for a Saturday night program also including late models, 270 & 600cc micro-springs, 4-cylinder thunder cars and 4-culinder strictly stocks. Gates will open at 5:00 p.m., with warm-ups starting at 7:00.

Results from Selinsgrove Speedway Saturday, August 10, 2019

HEAT 1 – 1. 95-Garrett Bard; 2. 11Z-Zach Newlin; 3. 24-Dan Leaper; 4. 10-Jake Waters; 5. 88-Fred Arnold; 6. 56-Jake Frye; 7. 19-Kruz Kepner; 8. 107-Colton Hoover.

HEAT 2 – 1. 99-Devin Adams; 2. 71-Josh Spicer; 3. 92-Dylan Proctor; 4. 36-Jaremi Hanson; 5. 23-Nathan Gramley; 6. 69-Landon Price; 7. 80-Dave Wickham; 8. 911-Mike Wenrick.

HEAT 3 – 1. 97-Kenny Hefner; 2. 51G-Dave Graber; 3. 67-Ken Duke Jr; 4. 79-Ian Cumens; 5 20-Doug Dodson; 6. 17K-Kyle Keen; 7. 2-Erin Statler; 8. 21M-Cassandra Minium. DNS – 19B-Will Brunson.

FEATURE – 1. 99-Devin Adams; 2. 36-Jaremi Hanson; 3. 11Z-Zach Newlin; 4. 67-Ken Duke Jr.; 5. 95-Garrett Bard; 6. 20-Doug Dodson; 7. 17K-Kyle Keen; 8. 97-Kenny Heffner; 9. 23-Nathan Gramley; 10. 51G-Dave Graber; 11. 69-Landon Price; 12. 71-Josh Spicer; 13. 80-Dave Wickham; 14. 79-Ian Cumens; 15. 19-Kruz Kepner; 16. 2-Erin Statler; 17. 56-Jake Frye; 18. 24-Dan Leaper; 19. 911-Mike Wenrick; 20. 21M-Cassandra Minium; 21. 92-Dylan Proctor (DNF); 22. 10-Jake Waters (DNF); 23. 88-Fred Arnold (DNF); 24. 107-Colton Hoover (DNF). DNS – 10B-Will Brunson.


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